Call Of Duty MW


Activision revealed Friday that three new cities have sold in for the upcoming Call of Duty franchise league. London, Chicago and Seattle will each be represented when play starts off evolved in 2020, bringing the present day wide variety of franchises to 12. The new CoD league will characteristic group rosters that consist of 7-10 gamers and 5-on-5 games. Mid-series substitutions will be allowed. All expert players in the league will earn a base profits of $50,000, which includes health care benefits, retirement advantages and housing if the participant desires. Even if a participant is dropped from the roster throughout the season, their salary is entirely guaranteed. The league additionally requires at least a 50-50 break up of prize pool profits to be divided between teams and players. Players who come to terms on offers for 2020 can nevertheless negotiate deals with other teams, but their contemporary group has the proper to match that offer. Contract buyouts additionally are permitted.